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Union Fidelity™ Litigation Funding
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Union Fidelity Litigation Funding Services (BN 985 953 92)


Union Fidelity™ has had extensive commercial solutions experience in the Magistrate’s, District, and Supreme Court's over the last 10 years.


Union Fidelity™ facilitates a plaintiff’s capacity as either a Sole Trader, Partnership or Company to initiate action or class action targeting a settlement with protection for legal costs including cost orders. Costs are payable only on a successful settlement result.

Types of action are broad from Major commercial debt recovery, commercial breach of contract, negligence and other selected commercial coverage.
We would welcome enquiry by way of brief as to the commercial matter involved. We do not need copies of evidence, Court Transcripts. Our application form is available herewith.
Each funding proposal is unique to each commercial situation. Funding is available to support advancement of litigation as well as provision for defendant cost orders.

Our fees to facilitate are related to the time taken:-

- On client acceptance of our Prospective Approval – Processing Fee only @ 1.1% quantum of action

- Balance on settlement of action:

- @ 5.5% (incl. GST) of gross settlement quantum within first twelve months.

- @7.5% (incl. GST) from 1st to 2nd anniversary

For a preliminary discussion please contact:

Tel: 02 9247 9066

Hugh Ross

Director of Legal Services


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